Successful Interstate Move

4 Ways To Have A Successful Interstate Move

So, you got a new job out of state and you are very excited to get up and going and see some new land. Very cool, congratulations to you and your family! Now, what about the move itself? Are you prepared for such an endeavor as this? Here are four things you can do to set yourself up for success:

1) Pack and move the most important things yourself. Other than people and pets, the “stuff” that is terribly precious or important, you should move yourself. These might be family jewelry or social security cards. Of course transport things of immediate value as well, such as toilet paper for when you arrive at the new home and you or your family will need to use the facilities right away or soon after arrival.

2) Pack as efficiently as you can. Do not pack boxes with extra space. Think of similar items or items that are stored nearby that can accommodate your box size and use the space well. For example, packing up bathroom items? Add a towel or two to fill in the gaps or to even help transport glass or fragile items. Wrap the bathroom wall clock in a towel for example, or the bathroom rug. This makes for a double purpose, efficient packing method.

3) This may be the most important tip for success when doing an interstate move: have a master plan. If you do not have the logistics figured out for moving your people, your pets, even you live plants, and your stuff, then you need to have that part secured. And have you master plan ready well in advance. Maybe even 2 months in advance. This will give you enough time to contact a cross country interstate moving company to schedule them for the exact dates you wish for, then to make it happen with the time comes.

4) Ask your questions in advance, and prepare in advance. This means make sure your water and electricity can be on at your news place before you get there if at all possible. Ask your movers if they will transport your potted plants, barbeque, and propane tank for the grill, items like that. It’s one thing to know in advance and another when you find out the day of that they will not move something like that. Ask in advance so you reduce the amount of surprises along the way!

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