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Do you need a permit for a skip?

One of the most asked questions when hiring a skip is that of, ‘do I need a permit?’ Well, there isn’t a simple answer, as it very much depends upon the skip company that you use and where the skip will be placed. Below we have a quick guide about skip hire and permits.

When you will need a permit

If you are using a skip at either home or for business needs, and it needs to be placed on the road, then unfortunately you will need a permit. This is in accordance with the Highways Act of 1980. The good news is that many skip hire firms will obtain the permit for you. However, you do need to check this as it is not standard practice. If they do not obtain the permit, then you will need to do so. It is also worth noting here that if you have a Hippo Bag or other skip bag on the road, the you will also need a permit.

When no permit is needed

If your skip is to be placed on private land, then no permit is required. However, it is important to know that it is against the law to place a skip on the pavement, no matter how small.

How to obtain a skip permit

In order to get a skip permit you will need to contact your local council. The local council will usually have skip hire guidelines on its website. The website is a useful resource to find your local council and for information on what documents you will need to supply to obtain your permit. Be sure though to apply in plenty of time as some local councils do apply a surcharge if you apply within three days of needing the skip.

What information do you need to submit?

Every local council is different and will require different information and documentation. That is why it is best to contact your local council directly. Some councils operate an online application process while others require a written letter.

Position of the skip

There are also various rules regarding the positioning of your skip, even with a permit. You will be responsible, when the skip is placed on the road, for several things. Firstly, the skip needs to be near the edge of the road, so as to cause the least obstruction, preferably parallel to the road. The skip should also never be placed within fifteen metres from a junction. The skip should not obstruct the entrance to any nearby properties and should not obstruct manholes or water drains. If you require two skips then they should be positioned as closely to each other as possible.

So when hiring a skip that needs to be placed on the road, firstly check if your skip hire company will provide a permit, and if not then contact your local council as quickly as possible.

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