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Buying a new home brings on so many exciting things for the homeowner, especially if it’s a fixer-upper of some sorts. While the idea of making a house your own is incredibly exciting, it can be just as equally as overwhelming. One small project can lead to 10 larger projects and before you know it, you have a bigger problem than you did before you started.

The thing is, homeowners need to know when something is DIY and when something is DIY-Not. Basically, when do you need to hire a professional versus when can you do it yourself?

Here is an easy way to gauge if you should or should not hire a professional. Think about the project and then think about the first step you need to take in order to achieve it. If you cannot even think of the first step without getting overwhelmed, hire a professional. If you can get through the first step, then proceed with every step throughout using the same method. If you hit a point where you either, a) don’t know what the next step is and Google isn’t helping, or b) the thought of it gives you enough anxiety to last a lifetime, hire a professional.

Most if not all offer free in-home estimates and some will even provide layouts and floorplans. It is easier than starting a project and having to end up at a Motel 6 because your bedroom is rendered useless and or no longer has walls. (Additionally, if this does happen, you can find discounted coupons for Motel 6 by clicking here. Just in case.)

Hiring a professional might seem like an expensive option in the beginning but it may end up saving you time, money, and frustration in the end. I

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